Thursday, July 22, 2010

Terminal manager in 1234 to enhance law

Terminal manager's ability will determine the ability of sales terminals, terminal sales ability will determine the ability of corporate sales, corporate sales ability will determine the development capacity of enterprises. In the course of the cycle, terminal sales ability is the key to development and infrastructure, so we should attach great importance to the terminal manager for enterprise development.

The ability to upgrade the terminal manager, needs to do to ensure a system system, in terms of management level, team level, or the implementation level, these are indispensable, and only from the system manager on the enhanced ability to end the sale of stores System capacity can be improved. Nature of the work under the terminal manager and management features, we enhance the ability of the manager's point of view the ability to grow the manager is divided into four levels, where the manager called the terminal capacity to improve the 1234 law.

Create a system: Stores Management System

Be two upgrade: sales performance improvement, capacity building team

Achieved in three ways: professional quality, system capacity, and effective method

Create four powerful: influence, inspiration, cohesion, affinity

1, to create a system

To Panmunjom as the smallest terminal unit sales, "small but complete." To manage all aspects of Panmunjom, are all reflected the floor as the forming of the elements of business management, store management needs from the people, finance, property management and various practical point of view, from personnel management, store management, commodity management, financial management, crisis management, team management, planning management, training management, customer management and other aspects of management. Only then can store management to achieve a smooth operation.

Management system established in Panmunjom from the actual conditions of store management, store management, according to the core work of decomposition, clearly Panmunjom management functions of the core not only what is essential store management, and then According to the core functions of the decomposition of functions, not only what is necessary to perform the work, then determine what kind of work to do each job to meet the needs of the core functions and division of labor through specific positions to ensure the realization of the core functions. Finally, a clear operational procedures to ensure the operation of the core functions of the steady implementation.

Consistent growth performance to be able to train more outstanding enterprise sales management. Team's ability to raise is that each sales team to enhance staff capacity in the integrated embodiment, only each person's ability to be raised, the team's ability to be able to get the system upgrade.

Good basis for management purposes is to enhance sales performance, sales performance through enhanced ability to lead the team improve. Manager to keep in mind: We are not a person in combat, can not allow themselves to be war hero, the other people are martyrs. To become a hero of the team, not a good person.

3, three ways to achieve

"Professional quality, product knowledge, selling skills," These three elements are essential for salespeople to achieve sales of key elements, regardless of which one is missing, sales are not perfect. Therefore, we must make efforts in these three areas.

To enhance the comprehensive ability of Panmunjom manager from three aspects need to be able to steadily realize, first of all from the professional quality of sales staff, sales staff should have good product knowledge and excellent sales skills, to Panmunjom, the manager can be in terms of manpower resource management point of view that inspires the team's fighting, and a good team unity and cohesion of each officer, to work together to achieve sales targets.

To Panmunjom management system to ensure steady operation of the key store, only to establish a line with actual market conditions and steady operation of the system to be able to guarantee the stable development of enterprises. Effective management is a manager in Panmunjom management practice in solving the various problems encountered by the guarantee, including the team's management skills and customer selling skills. Only way to guarantee that each issue effectively in place have been the perfect solution.

4, to create four powerful

Panmunjom as a store manager management to the highest office, his "influence, attraction, cohesion, affinity," will directly affect the combat effectiveness of the team store, has a wealth of management experience and the courage to practice the ability to be able to set a good influence. Led the team to grow together with the ability to be able to appeal with the team and to concentrate on each team member to achieve team cohesion, and has a good affinity to ensure good team working environment to ensure the sound development of the corporate culture. To achieve these objectives, as the store manager must have good communication skills and habits, and only persistent work in the correct way to be able to ensure the goals. Store management is a gradual work, only by constantly refining the summary and can work in a unique way to form before we can truly reflect the manager of an exemplary role. According to the daily management of the manager, we need to mature a good operation management theory, to ensure that work objectives.

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