Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CCTV SP 3.15 show the annihilation of the dying

CCTV on March 15 evening hastily, "the new rules, new impetus" to 3.15 evening, said the old rules are, in particular exposure telecommunications industry SP "absorption cost" is always there for social problems.

Called "cell phone back door" and "absorption cost" trap, is the second LG, Toshiba, Sony, HP and other brand LCD TV industry "hidden rules" after, another focus of the exposure phenomenon. CCTV said the handset makers, SP manufacturers, operators jointly set up a "smoking money" trap, but this phenomenon from December 2009 has been found, mainly, many cell phones have built-in menu, the user unknowingly deductions . In fact, this phenomenon is not only in December last year, there may be five years ago, but the media has been reporting on the. CCTV did not know how side-tracked in December of last year?

CCTV survey, Guangdong consumers "Landlords Tour" show SMS message costs 3 yuan per month to be deducted more than 10 yuan of money. A problem, each are charged 3 yuan, more than 10 yuan a month, are how CCTV is not like mathematics? Notice has been advertised for the UT Starcom phone, "suck money" phenomenon has nothing to do with the mobile phone brands, Many brands of mobile phones could be built, do not know see UT Starcom worse?

CCTV video interview, according to Beijing Yueyang consumers and consumers live video, it does have new ideas to illustrate the telecommunications industry contributed to, if it is 3G video, it also allow operators to present a face big brother, as well as network television also live, too great contribution to the telecommunications industry!

They built these charges cell phone menu malicious deductions, and can not be uninstalled. These phones use the built-in business after the common feature is that there is no advance in the machine prompt the main case, good at deduction 璇濊垂. This is in trouble, the best is to phone smashed, of course not possible, the value of a cottage at least 200!

Ministry of Industry in 2006 introduced a standard mobile information services business rates and charges acts. One of the most lethal is to require users to apply custom monthly class, set on class mobile information services, must be secondary confirmation. By the end of 2009 China's mobile phone users 740 million, SP "absorption cost" is the trap stopped.

However, I do not know the policy introduced in 2006 on, how they do not obey it SP? Not have thousands of dead, and how not dead? Course not, because law-abiding people in this society does not always exist, and Wild ads posted in the streets, 1:30 will also cure can not, I do not know to take a half-dead sp 315 surgery, is not anti-aircraft guns to fight mosquitoes?

Mobile anti-vice initial success, but the phone built-in vulgar software, vendors set up "smoking money" trap is still not completely eliminate the phenomenon. According to the survey, the phone features preset software has become a trend, especially cottage, will pre-install some software, such as mobile phones reported that customized weather, stock quotes, all kinds of games and so on. However, these preset software is likely to become a "trap" for consumers to unwittingly "delinquent." I also stress that the cell phone not to frame cottage, built, or any cell phone could download the software, such phenomena occur Huafei stolen, so we do not need to fear for I never fall into the trap, and I have used is a cheap no-name cell phone!


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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Renjiao She Coke Man: step by step

People's Education Press, director of information technology focus public looks very young, he thought this year's 54-year-old is not conservative.

Like all Chinese parents worry about their children, he hopes his daughter can become a programmer. However, open-minded, he said that even studying in Canada, the daughter of intention battles abroad, their can.

Reflected in the information technology, the demand for SOA is now the focus of people's new favorite. He said that if businesses do not change the significance of using SOA architecture is not great, SOA's advantages are embodied in adapting to a "change" word.

People's Education Press, director of information technology focus of China

Fates got tied to the computer

"My experience is very simple, primary, secondary schools, factories, universities, the Ministry of Education, Renjiao She." Coke people admitted to a university in Beijing woolen mill work is serious industrial workers. Tenders done, maintenance workers, and later into the Publicity Bureau. Woolen mill for four years in Beijing, the focus of the public attended the entrance examination. Because like the teaching profession, he applied for are Normal professional, and finally admitted to the Department of Physics, Beijing Normal University. After graduation, focus people assigned to the Ministry of Education.

"77,78 graduates nearly 100 people to enter the Ministry of Education. Just arrived when the ministry, looking ahead, most of the older veteran. In the Ministry of Education for five years, benefited the most important achievement was What has been formed to consider the issue from a macro point of view, exercise their macro thinking. "coke people recalled.

Into the Ministry of Education, the first Secretary in secondary schools, Education Department, the Division was in basic. Ministry of Education is the primary and secondary school years, mainly engaged in computer education (later known as information technology, education) to create a work done in the Ministry of Education, 5 years, more than three years engaged in primary and secondary schools in computer education.

Coke people and computers around fate began in 1984, when China started to implement computer education, Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University has a Department of Education's school computer education testing center, the public focus is assigned in charge of this work, study computer education in primary schools. He was prepared for a high school computer textbooks used for a long time, until he transferred to People's Education Press, many schools still use the kit.

Become CIO

"I'm more interested in technology or bones, as in computer education for many years, came to the People's Education Press."

1987 people entered Renjiao She coke, a computer room at the time the work is mainly engaged in computer-related teaching materials for primary and secondary editing. In 1988, Renjiao She and most of the publishers, as the initial information by the beginning word processing and computer typesetting. After 1990 years ago, set up photocomposition center, when people began to manage the sector focus. In 1992, Renjiao She started the library management system. In 1993, the editing room to start using the computer office; to enhance the level of information technology publishers, 1994 Renjiao She set up a computer center. Naturally, the task has been engaged in computer teaching materials and a variety of computer programming languages to master the focus of China, was appointed head of ICC.

1997, when the computer center has six official cause of the preparation, with a wide range of information to start work in publishing, gradually begun to employ social workers. The hottest time is now Renjiao She sites, libraries, information technology centers formed integrated information resource center, at the peak of more than 50 people.

Today, Renjiao She became an independent company website, is mainly responsible for the content of the site Renjiao She services to digital publishing, in addition to developing products independently. "Information Technology Center is responsible for IT related business, there are 16 employees this year." Coke people laugh.

From ERP to SOA

The late 80s to early 90s, Renjiao She had a lot of the computer room for the financial, distribution business and other sectors of application level information. Development to the mid 90s, when the individual flow of information can not meet the business need, in Renjiao She created the internal need to consider the whole process of reunification, the establishment of integrated management information system. This phase is the editorial management of the basic signs, publications printing management, materials management, warehouse management, distribution management, financial management in an integrated system, the shared data. This process can be better planned and organized by the production, marketing and financial accounting.

Thus, ERP projects have become the inevitable choice. Gradually, human resources management, fixed asset management, internal services, website services, and also included to reflect the publishing of a highly centralized management information system management situation. Over time, the system has changed. The traditional ERP model is not suitable for frequent changes, SOA focus on the people entering the field of vision.

In recent years, Renjiao She chose Primeton's EOS platform, EOS platform, the most important advantage is the knowledge of information technology can be deposited on the enterprise, or even knowledge of business enterprises can be with each other to share the same industry.

"Before we opened with the thought of ERP products, and good company was later changed to 1998 after the new version out. The surface appeared little change, but are open thinking ERP simulation form, and good products are CS structure. EOS platform is BS structure. Now our system is both BS structure, but also CS structure. We will build some applications in the EOS platform, the basic line SOA architecture. "

IT building Renjiao She started from around 1996, network construction, in the publishing industry is a relatively early, so gradually formed a pattern of operation and maintenance. People think that if we maintain the focus of resources, equipment and the overall IT services, to maintain a good level of general average of 6 years to be allocated in accordance with operation and maintenance costs.

SOA testing water

Filed SOA implementation, focus is still very cautious people. He chose a little bit test water systems in the EOS platform development is in line with SOA architecture, this can be done step by step system to replace the SOA migration.

He said the alternative to enterprise-class system is very difficult to replace with the implementation of risk, unless all of the changes are in the background, foreground unchanged. Or change the background and foreground in parallel, so that prospects can not see changes. The method used Renjiao She only add a new module, reducing the risk of migration of the entire system.

EOS platform can package their original components, and the new version written in other languages can be packaged into a service component. As long as there is a certain understanding of JAVA, you can achieve very good.

Coke people that choose this approach is suitable for Renjiao She current application, he said, "such as SAP's ERP components and modules may be thousands, users need to do anything functional, but it can thoroughly understand the software too few . because of the lack of implementation of the system architect, so implementation costs are high. there is no architect, only a simple application component. "

And good software Nerp system components are applied to the module, for example, invoicing is a module, the library is a module. Implementation of the staff as long as that process, you can set up the system.

Implementation of the project difficult to have smooth, SOA projects, too, started some objections. First part of the programmers objected that this model is too low technological content. Not reflect the excellent programmers and the general differences between programmers, as long as the graphics finished, parameter setting is good, take the module to take the family to stay, and no innovation.

EOS platform also added that the application server. One more step, reducing efficiency and failure on more than one. In this regard, the public focus is on the assumption that SOA, frequently changing business circumstances is convenient, relatively stable in the case of business advantage, of course not obvious. SOA is the demand, the reason for popularity of SOA is that many variables in the application of the time.

Jiao said the people, information systems now Renjiao She has done a flexible and scalable, "EOS is the platform provided, although there are elements, but can not meet the needs of existing components, users can develop their own component needs. Component is to procedure to enlarge point, some functions, some are functional. we developed a number of components, such as dispatch orders, show the way to change what, what parameters, it can be applied to other publishers. "

BI leadership decision-making aid

Some years ago, Renjiao She would build a business intelligence platform for data mining analysis. At present the main functions of the two blocks with the first, performance evaluation, provide real-time data. The second is used for internal management, use of data-aided decision-making. Such as the implementation of plans, plan and actual implementation of the situation.

Some business people with a business intelligence product for some time, goods made on the agency's cost and the average cost of social differences, can be made about goods suppliers offer is too high. Another example of education books printed in large estimates are based on subscriptions and usage, is to return unsold books to publishers. According to sales to estimate the print run of over the years can greatly improve the accuracy of printed and reduce unnecessary inventory.

Coke Man's main task is to deepen the current information systems applications and operation and maintenance work, he said, "to maintain the last two years more, the system has been applied on a more comprehensive, in-depth, but had to continue in-depth."

Add to this Press restructuring soon, institutions and organizational structure are likely to change, so IT departments are no longer launched a new project, but mainly operation and maintenance work.

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