Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CCTV SP 3.15 show the annihilation of the dying

CCTV on March 15 evening hastily, "the new rules, new impetus" to 3.15 evening, said the old rules are, in particular exposure telecommunications industry SP "absorption cost" is always there for social problems.

Called "cell phone back door" and "absorption cost" trap, is the second LG, Toshiba, Sony, HP and other brand LCD TV industry "hidden rules" after, another focus of the exposure phenomenon. CCTV said the handset makers, SP manufacturers, operators jointly set up a "smoking money" trap, but this phenomenon from December 2009 has been found, mainly, many cell phones have built-in menu, the user unknowingly deductions . In fact, this phenomenon is not only in December last year, there may be five years ago, but the media has been reporting on the. CCTV did not know how side-tracked in December of last year?

CCTV survey, Guangdong consumers "Landlords Tour" show SMS message costs 3 yuan per month to be deducted more than 10 yuan of money. A problem, each are charged 3 yuan, more than 10 yuan a month, are how CCTV is not like mathematics? Notice has been advertised for the UT Starcom phone, "suck money" phenomenon has nothing to do with the mobile phone brands, Many brands of mobile phones could be built, do not know see UT Starcom worse?

CCTV video interview, according to Beijing Yueyang consumers and consumers live video, it does have new ideas to illustrate the telecommunications industry contributed to, if it is 3G video, it also allow operators to present a face big brother, as well as network television also live, too great contribution to the telecommunications industry!

They built these charges cell phone menu malicious deductions, and can not be uninstalled. These phones use the built-in business after the common feature is that there is no advance in the machine prompt the main case, good at deduction 璇濊垂. This is in trouble, the best is to phone smashed, of course not possible, the value of a cottage at least 200!

Ministry of Industry in 2006 introduced a standard mobile information services business rates and charges acts. One of the most lethal is to require users to apply custom monthly class, set on class mobile information services, must be secondary confirmation. By the end of 2009 China's mobile phone users 740 million, SP "absorption cost" is the trap stopped.

However, I do not know the policy introduced in 2006 on, how they do not obey it SP? Not have thousands of dead, and how not dead? Course not, because law-abiding people in this society does not always exist, and Wild ads posted in the streets, 1:30 will also cure can not, I do not know to take a half-dead sp 315 surgery, is not anti-aircraft guns to fight mosquitoes?

Mobile anti-vice initial success, but the phone built-in vulgar software, vendors set up "smoking money" trap is still not completely eliminate the phenomenon. According to the survey, the phone features preset software has become a trend, especially cottage, will pre-install some software, such as mobile phones reported that customized weather, stock quotes, all kinds of games and so on. However, these preset software is likely to become a "trap" for consumers to unwittingly "delinquent." I also stress that the cell phone not to frame cottage, built, or any cell phone could download the software, such phenomena occur Huafei stolen, so we do not need to fear for I never fall into the trap, and I have used is a cheap no-name cell phone!


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