Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ubuntu 2010 "Snow lynx," the latest developments

Lunch at a recent conference held in Atlanta, Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth announced the development of the 2010 first edition of the Ubuntu code. Ubuntu 10.04 will be named Lucid Lynx. Shuttleworth video through the network announced the news. In a statement, Shuttleworth explained Lucid Lynx (lynx snow) This version of the name.

This video can now watch the following address: 3A% 2F% 2Fwatch% 3Fv% 3Dl02bhwofEqw.

Shuttleworth said: "planning a release version of the name is a difficult challenge, but also a great artistic creative process. Ubuntu 10.04 codename continued Ubuntu consistent naming, using an adjective with the name of an animal a combination of . Lucid Lynx involves a lot of free software in the history of interesting, for example, Lucid Emacs was a branch of GNU Emacs, later became XEmacs; Lynx was released in 1992, a text-based Web browser. Ubuntu 10.04 will will snow lynx (Lucid Lynx) name. I think the snow lynx name just represent our next generation of LTS (Long Term Support Long Term Support) of all the features. snow means pure and always focus on the key. "The name of this part on the lynx, Shutterworth explained:" lynx is a carnivore, it is very thoughtful and always focus on the efficiency of using the best at the right time to do the right thing. "

In Shutterworth statement, he joked: "lynx deodorant is a global brand, and perhaps our term Linux Summit will be the best session of the history of taste."

Lucid Lynx will be a long-term support release (LTS Long Term Support Release), this may be is Ubuntu's first Enterprise. Because it will provide long-term technical support. Long-term support version of Ubuntu released once every two years.

Shutterworth commented: "Ubuntu's developers have done a lot of cooperation at work behind the scenes and Debian. This is perhaps the most important one Ubuntu release." He said: "On the desktop side, Lucid Lynx will integrate the best GNOME 2. X desktop. while the server side, Ubuntu will continue to support the large infrastructure components. "

Prior to the Ubuntu 10.04 will be released, code-named Karmic Koala's Ubuntu 9.10. The compatibility of this version of the Internet will have a more significant upgrade, another start-up time will further reduce the desktop.

Karmic Koala is Ubuntu's regular release (issued every six months once). Ubuntu 9.10 scheduled Oct. 29 release. Karmic Koala than the greatest change in cloud computing components and the integration of a new Ubuntu application store. Ubuntu intention to expand through additional software to consolidate the user group. In addition to the server version of cloud computing enhancements, Ubuntu 9.10 will focus on the compatibility of the Internet and the desktop of the starting speed. Ubuntu 9.04 desktop startup time has achieved 25 seconds, Shuttleworth said the desktop version 9.10 start time will be shorter. In this version, Ubuntu may be using Red Hat's Plymouth framework to achieve smooth, flicker-free start-up screen, and is expected to test for a long time to see the Ubuntu login screen picture view.

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