Monday, August 2, 2010

Hot New exhibitors carrying Radio City 2008CCBN

CCBN 2008 China Cable Broadcasting Network Exhibition will be held March 21 in Beijing. Beijing City hotspot billing company as a leader in the field of domestic broadband to bring their own character development, production, with independent intellectual property rights "Dr.COM integrated business rules engine" to attend the event. It is learned that the city hot spots as the 9 th consecutive participation by the Chinese State Administration of Radio Conference hosted by CCBN.

2008CCBN by the Academy of Broadcasting Science, Radio Television Information Network Center 骞挎挱鐢佃鍘?various provinces to carry the BCA. In response to the figures show the Olympics, ad hoc Olympic zone, the number of exhibitors and participants will reach the peak of prehistoric. Cheng Shi hotspot billing in the industry as outstanding vendors, the exhibition, city hotspots will in this professional Xing, world-class event in the Yijing with participants showing more than 4,000 successful consumer's "Dr.COM broadband operators Jifeizhicheng Xitong ", and the latest next-generation billing core module, to support broadband access and IPTV digital television complex custom integrated package combinations Dr.COM business rules engine.

Up to now, China's broadband billing in the field, had 80% of the users in the use of city hot spots to provide products and services. The company will intensify, according to market demand, and continuously upgrading products to meet market changes, to meet new and old customers demand the latest features.

During the exhibition, there will be from Guangzhou and Beijing's main research and development, technology and sales management team in person, for the majority of users detailed, more in-depth understanding of customer's actual needs and difficulties, the situation according to the customer's network for the user "quantity custom-built "more effective and efficient operation of broadband billing solutions. Then, welcome to the new and old customers to visit and guide.


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